ruined bootsLooking for ruined boots, well worn boots or worn out boots?  Rather bring your boots to the shoe repair shop and have a high quality pair of European designer boots adorning your feet rather than wearing cheap boots? Distressed boots are the height of fashion today. Not just any well worn boots or ruined boots. The most elegant designer boots in the world.  Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Gianmarco Lorenzi, Prada, Manolo Blahnik.  These designers boots are often worn carelessly since many women have the misconception that since they are boots they are meant to be worn in the rain and snow. When dress boots are worn in the heavy rain they become ruined boots.  Some have even been worn through mud. We have even seen a television reality show where a woman does construction work in her high heeled boots. She spends the day walking through dirt and mud, uses her high heeled boots to step down on her shovel to force it into the ground, this goes on all day. This is surely a damaged pair of boots by the end of the day. Some of the ruined boots here have even more severe damage. For example, you'll find boots with broken heels, boots which have been stepped on or scuffed during wild nights of partying which sometimes end in catfights which can definitely result in severe boot damage. We've seen plenty of heelmarks on boots.

You'll find boots here in various states of distress. In some cases the wear and tear has been documented on photos or even video. These days girls will video themselves doing just about anything and post it on Facebook. Most of the boots here have been worn and abused but sometimes you'll find boots which still look pretty new and shiny. Often the girls selling their worn boots will post photos of their whole boot collection including the shiny new ones.

Girls driving in high heeled boots often scuff the heel of the right boot while stepping on the gas pedal so many boots are worn in this area. Often a girl will dangle her shoe from her toes and carelessly drop it causing scuffs to the leather. Fortunately boots do not endure this type of abuse.

Wearing wet boots will often cause premature wear and tear as the soft wet leather stretches while walking.
When food is poured on boots they are often stained beyond repair.

ruined bootsExamples of ways shiny new boots have become the well worn boots of this site. Many women have gotten their heels stuck in sidewalk grates or in mud. This often scuffs the delicate leather covering which is common on high quality boots. In more severe cases the leather is actually nicked or torn. Many women simply discard the boots because of the damaged heels. Little do they know, this is a cheap and easy boot repair. Really no reason to replace those $1200 Christian Dior boots with a cheap pair of boots. Many of the boots have been worn in unusual places. Office girls working for realtors often dress for the office but end up walking through muddy lots.  Girls often see rain on the weather report and put on a pair of dress boots only to get caught in rainstorms in her best high heeled boots. After walking in them while they are still wet for the rest of the day a new pair of boots becomes a ruined pair of boots. There is little a boot repair shop can do to reverse water damage to boots. Other shoe mishaps happen daily. A taxi pulls over on a snowy day not quite close enough to the curb and a woman steps out right into slush mixed with road salt. She feels safe because she is wearing boots but the puddle is deeper than it looks and water rushes into her dress boots through the zipper and she is forced to wear her wet boots the whole day until they dry, leaving salt stains on the leather around the sides of her boots.  By the end of the day, her new boots will surely not be the same shiny boots they started out as in the morning. They will look well worn and salt stained.  A good boot shine will easily remove the salt stains and restore the shine of the boots but the leather may be stretched and wrinkled from the day of wear while wet. This is not easily repaired. One can try to shrink the boots back into shape but they will stretch right out again. Business women are often careless with their expensive dress boots, pressing the pointy toe against a wall, kicking a door open here and there, carelessly scuffing the leather stepping off a curb on their way to lunch.  Even the best made boots would look well worn after a few days at the office like that.  So what are our plans for this site?  Soon you'll be able to add your own worn boots here.  Need to know how to turn your brand new designer boots into worn, scuffed and old looking boots?  This will be best place to look, and if naturally worn boots are not enough, you'll find more intentionally worn boots in some of our links to other websites.  This is the best place to buy well worn boots.  Not just any well worn boots.  Elegant boots by the worlds most famous designers such as Renzi, Christian Dior, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin.  If you are very particular about your ruined boots, you can see really close up views of the soles of the worn boots too.

LATEST BOOT NEWS 05/26/2024: Again Alexis has managed to bring more boots to Hawaii than she can carry when travelling so she needs to sell some before leaving. You can see her boot collection mixed with her worn shoes. She will soon provide more boot photos here so you don't have to wade through her shoe pictures to get to the boots. She is selling the well worn boots, the abused boots, the wrecked boots, the damaged boots including many pairs which she has walked through grates or gravel with and have damaged heel covering. You probably wouldn't want to buy these for your girlfriend for Christmas because they have all been worn a lot and have toe prints inside so you can't pass them off as new. In fact, your girlfriend may use her new boots to kick you if she thinks you got them from another girl. If you prefer your boots even more well worn and would like to request further wear or damage, please post your requests to her on the Muddy High Heels Forum. Many of these boots have been worn in rain, snow and other damaging terrain but not to worry. You can see this documented on her high heels blog and her website, especially the shoe section so you know how exactly these boots have been worn and what has happened to them.

  Alexis Kay Lee's well worn boots for sale.